About Us
Our Family

We are Chantal Pelletier and Michael Bulcock. We live in Fredericton, New Brunswick with our 5-year-old daughter Amelyah and our fur babies, Luka and Salem.

We both work full-time jobs currently; however, we are working towards making this business our full-time venture. We want to be able to work from our laptop anywhere we want in order to spend more time as a family and less time worrying who will be spending quality time with our daughter while we are both at work. 

She is our WHY. 

Meet Chantal

I work full-time with the provincial electricity corporation and have been employed by them since 2001. I have several years of experience in admin support and customer support.

I also taught myself HTML and Photoshop in 1999 when I wanted to create a website for my favourite WWE wrestlers, Matt and Jeff Hardy. I was 24 at the time and a huge fan girl. I ended up making these websites the most popular on the net and the two Hardy brothers even frequented the sites and provided me with news, photos and videos to keep the fans up to date (snapshot of sites from 2004 #1 and #2).

That was a long time ago, but it’s how I got my start in website and graphic design.  Things were a little different back then; but, now with platforms such as WordPress, it makes it so much easier to create beautiful websites with a little bit of coding here and there.

Health and Fitness is a huge part of my life and would like to put my 2 passions together and help out health coaches to succeed in running their business online without trading hours for dollars.

Meet Mike

I have dipped my feet in all aspects of customer service, sales, account management and audiovisual for many years. I spent 2 years at University in business with a high interest in marketing.   I have worked many sales roles as well as being a personal banker.  

For the last few years of my life I have been involved in the audio/visual meeting industry facilitating various private, provincial and federal government meetings on a regular basis. This also involves planning travel and accommodations for myself and co-workers regularly.  I am also involved in all related troubleshooting/tech support to solve any client issue on the spot.

With combining all my knowledge and experience in sales, tech, customer service and marketing, I am confident that I can take over a lot of your administrative, marketing and client care needs.